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Amazing Toilet Maid

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Rated the Most Hated !!!  Cleaning The Toilet is at the top of the list

TV cleaning ladies Aggie MacKenzie and Kim Woodburn  always say ” Ban The Brush” They  disapprove strongly of the traditional loo brush and condemn bristle toilet brushes as unhygienic and disgusting. Most people have the conventional toilet brush. There are very few people indeed that are willing to use rubber gloves and to be honest wouldn’t ever use paper towels to clean the toilet bowl. Now there is a new  cleaning tool – The 21st Century Loo Brush. Called The Toilet Maid, it is made of silicone, it is flexible and has no bristles !

This is a link to the story in the local newspaper


This new kind of toilet cleaner  has generated lots of  interest. The Toilet Maid sold 4,000 units in the first two months.

Do you have a  regular bristle loo brush?

The new Toilet Maid has several advantages over the traditional toilet brush;

  • The brush is made of smooth silicone — there is no place for germs and bacteria to hide.
  • Does the job – is flexible and will reach down the bowl and under the rim for maximum cleaning.
  • Wont wear out — long lasting and durable
  • It comes with its own sleek and discreet holder which attaches to the side of the cistern or toilet tank. Clean, Fresh and No Mess
  • No More Dirty Bristles !
  • NON STICK Silicone Blade
  • Easy to Use
  • The Best Alternative to a Brush
RRP: £25.00
Amazing Toilet Maid
Amazing Toilet Maid Amazing Toilet Maid Amazing Toilet Maid Amazing Toilet Maid

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Mary from Southampton 5 Stars

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Fantastic now I will never have to use that horrible old fashioned toilet brush again.